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SSC ICT solution 2024 (MCQ all board)

SSC technical and communication technology exam question answer 2024

SSC ICT solution 2024 (MCQ all board) is here. One article you are getting all board question solutions. So you must fulfill the requirement of patiently reading the entire article at a glance. The participation of more than 20 lakh candidates has started on last 15th February 2024 in the SSC exam through Bengali first paper exam every Thursday. The Information and Communication Technology ICT exam was held today on 28th February 2024 on Wednesday. Article about the solution of which you are present now.

SSC খ্রিস্ট ধর্ম ও নৈতিক শিক্ষা পরীক্ষার প্রশ্ন উত্তর ২০২৪

Rajshahi board ICT solution 2024 MCQ

You all are aware that Rajshahi Board is called Shiksha Nagari. Where the total number of examination centers is 266 and the number of students is about 1 lakh 80 thousand. Recently at 10:25 AM the Information and Communication Technology exam was completed under Rajshahi Board. Those of you who have joined this article to get the solution of 25 TMCQ questions, first of all, check the solution of the question from below.

Dhaka Board SSC ICT MCQ solution 2024

Dhaka Board is the biggest board in whole Bangladesh. Where a total of 432 examination centers are conducting the SSC and honors examinations of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education today. ICT exam was held today in which more than 1 lakh candidates participated. Below is the solution shown in the image, check it out now.

SSC Comilla board ICT solution 2024

As usual we are preparing all Comilla Board exam question solutions on our website. If you want, you can visit our official website. More than 1 lakh candidates appeared regularly in total 273 examination centers under Comilla Board. Part of the board’s ICT solutions.

SSC Jessore board ICT question solution 2024

ICT Jessore Board’s written MCQ exam was held recently. If you want to get all district exam question solution set a b g g held in Jessore board then today’s article has a careful look. Then you will very easily get the correct answers to the mcq questions of Jessore Board ICT Information and Communication Technology exam held today, inshallah.

Barisal Board SSC ICT solution 2024 pdf

SSC exam 2024 is being held step by step under nine general education boards all over Bangladesh. SSC ICT exam was conducted in Barisal board by maintaining all procedures and rules. Lo the exam started at 10 AM where a total of 25 TMCQ questions were set. The total number of students was about eighty thousand and there were 196 examination centers.

Chattagram Board SSC ICT solution 2024 MCQ

Chittagong Board is another important board among the 9 general education boards. Where as in other boards the number of candidates is very high. Several SSC 2024 exams are being held gradually with the participation of 1 lakh 35 thousand candidates. Where there are 219 examination centers. This section contains information communication technology MCQ question answers.

Mymensingh Board SSC ICT solution 2024 (A, B, C, D set)

SSC and equivalent examinations are being conducted under nine General Education Boards across Bangladesh. Information and Communication Technology ICT exam was held today. More than 100,000 candidates from Mymensingh Division participated in the examination. 155 examination centers of Mymensingh Board held this examination at ten o’clock in the morning. The test is already over and we have prepared the solution for you to check.

Sylhet Board SSC ICT MCQ answer 2024

Among the nine General Education Boards, Sylhet Board is another notable one. Where there are total 152 exam centers and student population is around 1 lakh. Like other boards this polling also starts at 10 AM and ends at 10 PM on 25th. Collect the question paper and check its solution ready now you are the first very easily.

SSC Dinajpur board ICT MCQ solve 2024

We are going to specially prepare Dinajpur Board ICT Problem Solution for you in this phase. The SSC Information and Communication Technology exam is being held simultaneously in a total of 278 exam centers under Dinajpur Board. You all know that more than 1 lakh 80 thousand examinees from Dinajpur board participate simultaneously in SSC 2014 Information and Communication Technology exam. Check now 25 MCQ question solutions from this section.

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