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Mymensingh Board SSC Islam Question Solution 2024 All Set

SSC Islam and Moral Education Mymensingh Board MCQ Solution 2024 Mymensingh Boar

Today is February 27, 2024. The SSC Islamic Education Examination 2024 of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education was held today. Like other boards, Mymensingh board conducts the examination as per rules and on time. At this stage we have appeared before you with Mymensingh Board SSC Islam and Moral Education Exam Question Solution 2024. So that you can get the answers with 100% solution of the exam held today very easily first of all. I am starting today’s article with questions and answers by wishing everyone good health and longevity.

SSC Islam Education Question Solution 2024 Mymensingh Board

The SSC and equivalent examination is usually held in the month of February every year. This year also the SSC exam is being held in short syllabus which started on 15 February 2024. Five exams have already been completed which are Bengali first paper, Bengali second paper, English first paper and English second paper and last maths exam. Islam and moral education compulsory subject written test was held today. A total of more than 1 lakh 11 thousand candidates participated in this examination under Mymensingh board alone. Out of this, the examination was held in a total of 155 examination centers. Which started at 10 am and the three hour long test may have been completed in full.

Mymensingh Board Islam and Moral Education SSC Questions and Answers 2024 PDF

As soon as the exam ended at 1 PM, our team collected the question paper and completed the solution work. Answers to all 30 multiple choice questions of Islamic Education Exam will now be presented before you. This question solving article is specially prepared for Mymensingh Board only. So all the candidates who have received the question paper under Mymensingh Board can check whether the question solution of your desired set is 100% correct.

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Mymensingh Board SSC Islam o Noitik shiksha MCQ Solution 2024

The subject of Islam and moral education is a must. That is, under the Mymensingh Board, this subject is mandatory for all Islamic students. So congratulations to those who have been looking at the question solutions of the exam held under Mymensingh board through this article and know how many questions are correct and wrong answers. We regularly present all the exam question solutions in article form step by step. If you want to get past exam questions then you can visit our official website.

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