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IER Exam Result 2021

Education and Research (IER) Exam Result 2021

IER Exam Result 2021 | Education and Research (IER) Exam Result 2021.Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. We are starting today’s post in the hope that everyone is very well. Dear friends, today we have this important post which is related to the job recruitment exam in the Institute of Education and Research. We will publish the results nicely for you on our site. From which you can easily get the result and at the same time you can download the PDF. So there is no point in exaggerating.

IER Exam Result 2021

A few months after the notification and application, the written examination for the recruitment of the Institute of Education and Research was held on 03 January 2020. The test took place at the Education and Research Institute building from 3-4 pm. A total of 70 marks were negative marks in this test. Due to which for every wrong answer your 0.25 mark will be deducted from the mark obtained. Surely you can understand how complicated the test is by looking at the scheduled time of this test? Only a test taker can better understand how difficult it is to answer 70 marks in just 1 hour. However, there is always something good waiting for those who think well.

Education and Research (IER) Exam Result 2021

About 1 lakh 45 thousand 323 candidates participated in the written test against only 300 posts. This appointment test is a little different from other recruitment tests. Because the number of posts here is different for each upazila. Millions of candidates have appeared in the written test with the aim of getting Niyag from all over Bangladesh.

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IER UPC Written Recruitment Result

After the written test on 03 January 2020, the results of the written test were published on 10 January 2020. The Institute of Education and Research publishes the results simultaneously on their official website and on our website. Where a total of 24,212 candidates passed. The pass rate is 39%. Those who have passed the written test are not getting appointment now. The next few steps for them are oral exams and computer skills. Once these two steps are passed, you are ready to be hired. The date of viva or oral examination has also been informed. The Viva test will be held on 16-25 January 2020. Prepare yourself as much as possible so that you can do something good in the exam. Viva and Computer skill test final result

Viva and computer skills tests have already been held. Now everyone is waiting for the results of the last step. Because the final step will be finalized for the appointment. Once the results are published, we will let you know on our website.

Final words:

We hope you will be called to join the job after the results of the last step. We always try to publish the information you need in a way that is accurate and easy for you.We are concluding today with the hope that your test results will be good and you can live a happy life.

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