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HSC Bangla 2nd Paper Question Solution 2023 [All Board]

HSC Bangla 2nd Paper Question and Answer 2023 [Grammar and Essay Part]

HSC Bangla 2nd Paper Question Solution 2023 All Board Grammar and Construction Part PDF Download. Friends of HSC candidates hope all the exam went well and good. In this hope, in this part of the article, we will inform you about the Bengali 2nd paper question solutions of all the boards. Earlier we published the question solution of Bangla first paper exam, you have given a very good response. In continuation of that, the complete question solution of Bangla 2nd paper has been presented in today’s article.

HSC Bangla 2nd Paper Question Solution 2023

Today, August 20, 2023, the Bangla second paper exam was held from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. The exam was held at the same time in nine general education boards of the country for a duration of three hours. Bengali second paper exam full marks 100. Bangla 2nd Paper exam does not have any Nautical or MCQ questions. Bengali second paper usually has two parts. From the two parts of which the examination papers are prepared and the examination is conducted. Below is the detailed information about the two parts.

Bengali 2nd Grammar Part Question Solution 2023

Bengali 2nd paper exam is held on total 100 marks question paper. The first part of which is known as grammar part. Questions are asked from different sections of grammar section. So that some descriptive questions are answered and some questions are answered in one word. A total of six questions are to be answered from the Grammar section carrying five marks each. Total 30 marks are allotted for 5 questions. In this section you can see the answers to the questions of the grammar section.

HSC Essay Questions and Answers Solutions 2023

To do well in Bangla 2nd paper, you must do well in creative or compositional part. Because this section has more marks. 70 marks allotted for creative or compositional part. Essay section consists of questions such as paraphrase, summary, translation, application form, essay. A total of seven questions are to be answered carrying 70 marks.

All Boards HSC Bangla Second Paper Question Answers 2023

As soon as the exam is over, we collect the Bengali second paper questions of all the boards. After collecting the question papers we solve the questions board wise. Because the questions of each board of the nine general education boards are different. Students find solutions to their own board questions as a test.

And he will not be able to see the correct solution to his question without solving the question of his own education board.Solve Dhaka, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal, Chittagong, Jessore, Sylhet, Mymensingh and Dinajpur Board with the help of our team members and various websites. All Board HSC Bangla Second Paper Question Answers are given according to Board;

Dhaka Board

Dhaka Education Board is one of the largest education boards in the country. The largest number of students in the world belong to this education board. About 3 lac students are participating in the examination under Dhaka Board. This board education is smartest and find more solutions online. Those who appeared in the Bengali II Paper exam under Dhaka Education Board and want to see the administration can view and download the solution in PDF format from this section.

Rajshahi Board

Rajshahi city known as Shiksha Nagari is under Rajshahi Education Board. Another one of the country is called Education Board. Like all the education board exam is held today in this education board. Around 2 lac 10 thousand students participated under this education board. Ever since the exam was held, students have been searching for exam question solutions through various online channels. Because of your concern we have solved both Grammar and Essay part of Education Board wise. Which is what this part highlights.

Barisal Board

About 1 lac 21 thousand students participated under Barisal Education Board. Located in the south of the country, this education board has different characteristics. Everyone thinks that this education board question paper is the most difficult. For which the students are a little embarrassed and worried. In this part Barisal Board Exam Question Solution is given in PDF format.

Sylhet Board

The North Education Board of the country is Sylhet Education Board. Sylhet Education Board Exam is held at the same time. Since the exam was held, the interest of the students of this education board to see the question solution is seen. So we have firstly collected Sylhet board rotten solution after the test and solved it and published it in this part. If you are a student of Sylhet board then you can easily check the solution to be a part.

Jessore Board

One lac and ten thousand students are participating in this year’s HSC exam under Jessore board. Only after the exam we collect the question paper to solve creative and MCQ. After that, I arranged the answer very quickly for the Jessore Education Board and presented this part. Take a look at Jessore Education Board’s creative and versatile solutions from this part of the article.

Dinajpur Board

There is a district under the Dinajpur Board. This education board has been formed by combining some northern districts of the country. Where about one lakh students are participating in Higher Secondary School Certificate under this education board. Along with all education boards we have solved questions of this board.

Mymensingh Board

Mymensingh Education Board is the youngest education board in Bangladesh. The last education board that has been established. This education board has been formed with four districts. About one lac five thousand students are participating in this year’s HSC examination under this education board. Where there are about 65 thousand female students and the remaining 50,000 male students. View Bengali First Paper Question Part A in PDF format.

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